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I have always been extremely fascinated by the runway of Victoria’s Secret. I have not missed a single one of them. The most important annual Fashion Show on TV, where all the gorgeous models wear a variety of elegant designs. So you can imagine my reaction, when I found this amazing store in front of my eyes at the Zurich Airport. I couldn’t be more excited.

Very often, before to take a flight, I am tired of packing and just want to get on the plane as soon as possible. But this time, when I had to look at the watch, I was relieved to see I would still have plenty time to buy some products. So I started to relax and to have a look around.

Svirig Blog Post VictoriasSecret 1

I discovered the sexy lingerie collection and all the new beauty products at the Victoria’s Secret shop: make up, skincare, fragrances, men’s products, brushes, gifts…[Victoria’s Secret Online Shop]. It is easy to try and keep trying all the products of these glamorous angels until the infinitum.

Svîrig Blog Post Victoria's Secret 2

Svîrig Blog -Beauty Post Victoria's Secret Products

I have almost missed my flight to Spain. Maybe that is the reason why the models want to have every year new wings. Time flies away when you are having fun. I was not sure about the hand luggage restrictions so I didn’t buy anything. I rushed through the security control feeling quite regret. The gate was far but luckily I reached the gate on time.

After having spent a few days off with my family, I was ready to go back to Switzerland. To my surprise I found a new store at Málaga-Costa del Sol Airport (passenger-only zone). I knew about the new shops in Madrid and Barcelona but I didn’t expect to find one in Andalusia.

SVÎRIG Blog Beauty Post Victoria's Secret

SVÎRIG Blog Beauty Post Victoria's Secret

It’s hard to choose one product, when everything is causing a big impact on our senses. Who can resist this temptation?. I am not an angel so I bought this beautiful pink small bag. I am enjoying the product “Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Mini Must-Haves” meanwhile I wait to the next magical Show.

SVÎRIG Blog Beauty Post Victoria's Secret

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Victoria’s Secret Zürich Airport Store



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  1. VIVÍ

    Todo alucinante,las imágenes,Victoria’s con dulzura y aromas de privacidad- personalizados.
    Paso del verano al otoño de calabazas coloridas pensando en seguidores de todas las edades.
    Estoy deseando contemplar las novedades que llegarán.
    Enhorabuena por el trabajo y esfuerzo, deseó que los frutos llegen rápidamente en tu vida pues eres la MEJOR.

  2. Antonio Javier cr

    Svirig impresionante!multitud de ideas transporta a lugares del paraíso,espero un próximo reportaje,este relato lleno de imágenes,lugares,emociones a flor de piel se llenará de seguidores y visitare con asiduidad.
    Todos los seguidores expectantes pues Suiza refleja lo mejor de todos los países del MUNDO.
    Sólo felicitar y esperar la próxima entrega de SVIRIG

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